Significant. WEB DESIGN. Yes, what the hell is significant web design? 😉 So, my definition of it is quite simple: webdesign, which achieves goals and with that also people. Design that makes people enjoy using your brand or blog. And: What turns first-time visitors into returning fans who love your performance. Like a visit to the cinema with popcorn, nachos, cheese sauce, a 10-star movie and your favorite actor, which of course is Arnold Schwarzenegger for me. I mean, who else should it be than Ösi? 😉 Most of the time, though, the whole scope of our work is just about a few key points. A few cornerstones that surprisingly do not start with design, which is actually quite contrary to what web designers normally offer. These little secrets are: Clarity> Confidence> usability> Appearance And that’s exactly in this order. From my experience, a visit to a website or blog becomes a pleasure and makes people come back. If you want to know more about me, I would be happy to meet you on Facebook. Or you visit me at BLOGGEN.co, where I write regularly about blogging, web design and funny stuff: My Facebook profile My articles on BLOGGEN Bye for now,
what for in design set limits … if the web itself does not know? Hello, my name is Jakob Schweighofer and I’m glad to meet you. I create web design, graphic & social media solutions that achieve their goals. Here you can find more information about me or my past projects. thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail Home About me offer portfolio Contact